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Atobe-sama birthday come up very soon. Ten days. That October 4th.

I want throw him BIG party. He have busy year and I want have him relax. Last year he go see Yuki!!!! and Mr. Teddy Bear Butler in Paris with Tezuka-sama. This time I not think he go anywhere.

Atobe-sama's mommy and daddy have really big banquet hall on estate and I think that big enough room for big party. There be lots of cupcakes and cakes and food. Kite-kun give me lots of spicy recipes which I think you like lots Syuu!!!! and I working on special birthday cupcake for Atobe-sama. An-chan you want test for me? You best tester. :D

Yuki!!!! you help me with flowers? I think you bestest at picking prettiest flowers. You bring puppies and they have play-date. :D

So, you all come!?!?!?! I want everyone to celebrate Atobe-sama's birthday. He very awesome and I want make him bestest birthday ever. <3333333
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