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2012-10-04 08:09 am

eighty four

I miss so many birthdays. ;_______; I send out cupcakes today. Sorry!


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2012-07-24 07:10 pm

eighty three

Atobe-sama, you grumpy lately so I make you cheer-up breakfast!!!

Maybe you take Fluffy and Cotton out in stroller in Atobe-sama's mommy's gardens. ^__^ That always cheer me up.
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2012-07-23 10:00 pm

eighty two

Happy birthday Momoshiro-kun!!!!!!!

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2012-07-02 02:37 pm

eighty one

I sorry I miss birthday Inui-kun, but I know Yanagi-kun share treats with you because you friends. :D

Still not found home for kitten. Julia really seem like him. Even Parrot take to him better than Fluffy and Cotton. But I think that because Cotton like chase.

I got visit with Atobe-sama's mommy when we at estate last and help with new flower arrangement in front of mansion. It very big and colorful.

Then I practiced onigiri making. I send some to Kamio-sama and his friends. I hope you like.

It almost your birthday Momoshiro-kun. I make you cake!
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2012-06-06 09:41 am



I sorry they late. ;__;
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2012-05-10 06:33 pm

seventy nine

Things be so busy. We back from Germany. I got to bake lots in Tezuka-sama's kitchen. :D

I go out yesterday to pick up groceries and pet things and I found kitten. She very scared and alone so I bring home. I give bath and Julia like her very much.

Atobe-sama, I find home for her so you no worry.
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2012-03-17 12:06 am

Seventy eight


I sorry I not be able to bake you cupcakes for birthday, but I did knit things and mail to you where you be. I bake you BIG cake and send to you when I get done with Atobe-sama's party.

Party be awesome! I have lots choices. Mama's recipes work very well. Atobe-sama's choices too. It be lots fun. I able make small dessert to go too. :D

Lots work to do before all done.
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2012-03-05 07:53 am

seventy seven


I hope day extra special awesome. :DDDD

I pass butler exam. I now S-rank in everything but Education, but with Atobe-sama help, I get very soon and then I be S-rank butler. Atobe-sama's mommy very proud. She bought me new mixer. It amazing. ^___^
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2012-02-29 07:15 am

seventy six


I hope you have happy day and get lots of presents. :D


I have butler exam tomorrow. I think I be able to get S-rank in lots of areas. Atobe-sama help me too so maybe I get total S-rank at next exam. I nervous, but I know I do good. ^__^
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2012-02-14 07:44 am

seventy five


I hope you have awesome day. Maybe I bring Cotton over and she play with Hachez. Fluffy not want leave Atobe-sama's chair. He miss him.

Are you warm Atobe-sama? I overnighted blankies.
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2012-02-01 11:13 am

seventy four

Everyday good day, but it be great day soon. While Atobe-sama at work and he not need help, Atobe-sama's mommy take me to ballet because Atobe-sama's daddy can't go. (He work lots too.) It be Swan Lake. No real swans, but I look up pictures and it be very pretty. I excited. I find bestest uniform to wear so I not make Atobe-sama's mommy look bad. She say I not have to drive. O.O

Yuki!!!! I very happy for you and Mr. Teddy Bear Butler. I want make something for you. I can do knitting or baking or sing Hungarian song. :D If it okay with Atobe-sama and you not busy, can we have puppy playdate? Eddie very big now, but he still good. Trained good. He not be mean to Renge. Promise.

Congratulations Kamio-sama!!! When you come back from Korea, I'll bake you big cake.

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2012-01-08 08:14 pm

Seventy three


I had bestest time. DisneySea is very pretty. I got picture with Ariel. I love all gifts too. Eddie and Parrot and Fluffy and Cotton all happy too. :DDDDD

Atobe-sama, I found Fluffy on trunk in bedroom. I get out, but he give me grumpy look. I make sure he sleep in bed from now on.

Cupcakes sent out today. It recipe from Mama Kabaji.
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2011-12-24 07:54 pm

seventy two


I send you all goodie baskets with muffins, breads, cupcakes, and various spreads. I hope you like. I wrap with big pretty bows.

I see you all when get back from fun trips. :DDDDDDDDDDD

(ooc: everyone gets a basket and matching scarf/hat/gloves knitted by Kabaji)
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2011-12-09 11:02 am

seventy one

It almost party day. TOMORROW! I hope you all got cupcake invitations I send. They special for each person.

All other butlers at Atobe-sama's mommy and daddy's house be very helpful. I make everyone's favourite dishes. Lots of food for everyone. Atobe-sama's mommy is very good decorator. She make mansion look like winter wonderland. I think everyone really like it. :D She order BIG ice sculpture of swan. It like fountain fill with champagne. I try but bubbles make my nose itch.

I also make goodie bag for all. It has cupcake, candy cane, and ornament.

See you all tomorrow. We have lots fun.

(ooc: there's going to be a Atobe Yuletide Celebration open log sometime in the near future)
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2011-11-09 06:52 pm



I bake you goya cupcakes with wasabi frosting with help from my mommy and An-chan. We overnight them. I hope you like.

An-chan and I come home tomorrow. Hungary has been very nice. Flight comes in on November eleven. I have presents for everyone.

Atobe-sama, you like Argentina? Did you see penguins?
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2011-10-25 05:50 pm

Sixty nine

Atobe-sama say I get go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An-chan, I make flight plans. If not okay, I change. :D

We go bye bye on one November. Plane at 1:45 pm. It make stop in Milan, then we land in Budapest at a little after 10pm. I get us hotel rooms in Budapest for night then I drive us to Rapoksa in morning.

Come home on ten November. Plane leave at 3:50pm. It stop in Paris, then we go back to Tokyo and land after 7am on eleven November.

That okay, An-chan? I gone too long, Atobe-sama? I change if am.
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2011-10-19 07:22 am

sixty eight

Happy birthday, Yagyuu-sama!

I hope day happy and not busy. I make you cupcakes and I bring to hospital for you to have. :D

(ooc: Back left: vanilla w/ vanilla buttercream frosting, front left: vanilla walnut w/ cream cheese frosting, right: maple pecan w/ meringue topping with maple drizzle -- I made those up)
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2011-10-15 10:38 am

sixty seven


I bring by for you. :D

(ooc: 1) they are triple devil's food, 2) there are 20, 3) Kabaji also knitted him a hat.)
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2011-10-13 05:53 pm

sixty six

Thankie everyone for coming to Atobe-sama's birthday party. I think he have great time. :D

Atobe-sama, I very sorry but Fluffy back in office. He miss chair. I try get him to stop, but he too quick sometimes.

At least Cotton not in papers or sleeping on laptop. Eddie also get real good about not trying to get in bed. Training working except on Parrot. I think I have put him in cage where he not see Atobe-sama so much. He say bad things.

Um, Atobe-sama, if okay, I go home for bit? Not long, promise. ^_^

Screened to An-chan )
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2011-10-04 08:35 pm

sixty five


Atobe-sama's mommy and daddy help me and we have presents for you at estate. It be lots of fun.

You bestest ever, Atobe-sama, and I really happy I butler for you. I hope I be butler for lots more birthdays!!! :D

I make sure Fluffy not sit in your chair all week and Cotton not get in your papers and Parrot not call you bad names and Eddie not drool on bed.

Love me and Fluffy and Cotton and Eddie (and Parrot too!) <33333

(ooc: 1) imagine there are 10x the cupcakes, 2) everyone is invited to the party at the Atobe estate, yes, EVERYONE, 3) yes, the animals are all dressed for the occasion, and 4) there is something for everyone to eat - spicy and not)