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Everyday good day, but it be great day soon. While Atobe-sama at work and he not need help, Atobe-sama's mommy take me to ballet because Atobe-sama's daddy can't go. (He work lots too.) It be Swan Lake. No real swans, but I look up pictures and it be very pretty. I excited. I find bestest uniform to wear so I not make Atobe-sama's mommy look bad. She say I not have to drive. O.O

Yuki!!!! I very happy for you and Mr. Teddy Bear Butler. I want make something for you. I can do knitting or baking or sing Hungarian song. :D If it okay with Atobe-sama and you not busy, can we have puppy playdate? Eddie very big now, but he still good. Trained good. He not be mean to Renge. Promise.

Congratulations Kamio-sama!!! When you come back from Korea, I'll bake you big cake.

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sixty five

Oct. 4th, 2011 08:35 pm
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Atobe-sama's mommy and daddy help me and we have presents for you at estate. It be lots of fun.

You bestest ever, Atobe-sama, and I really happy I butler for you. I hope I be butler for lots more birthdays!!! :D

I make sure Fluffy not sit in your chair all week and Cotton not get in your papers and Parrot not call you bad names and Eddie not drool on bed.

Love me and Fluffy and Cotton and Eddie (and Parrot too!) <33333

(ooc: 1) imagine there are 10x the cupcakes, 2) everyone is invited to the party at the Atobe estate, yes, EVERYONE, 3) yes, the animals are all dressed for the occasion, and 4) there is something for everyone to eat - spicy and not)

Sixty one

Aug. 1st, 2011 09:44 am
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Atobe-sama have dinner party at Atobe-sama mommy & daddy's big big mansion outside Tokyo. Want EVERYONE come.

What best day for people? It need be tonight, Tuesday, or Wednesday. It no problem get everything ready tonight, but me not want rush anyone. You no cancel now plans, okay? :D

Menu is:

Crab/crab legs/crab cakes (Hokkaido kind, is very good)
Boiled new potatoes with herbs
Rice pilaf
German cole slaw
Steamed vegetables
Key lime cheesecake (it new recipe I want try out)

Time be there is 6:30pm. I serve drinks before dinner in Atobe-sama mommy's garden.

RSVP if you come and if you want bring guests and how many. More merrier!!!!

Hope you all come. I show you Atobe-sama mommy & daddy's Indian peacock and the penguins!





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