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Things be so busy. We back from Germany. I got to bake lots in Tezuka-sama's kitchen. :D

I go out yesterday to pick up groceries and pet things and I found kitten. She very scared and alone so I bring home. I give bath and Julia like her very much.

Atobe-sama, I find home for her so you no worry.

Thirty two

Jan. 9th, 2010 02:29 am
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Yukimura Seiichi-sama very nice. He sent pictures very cute baby animals. I give him HUGE hug I see next.

And and and and I learned how do "cut". Like scissor snip-snip.


Atobe-sama, you need more ice? Nose still puffy.

Oshitari Kenya-sama, I make Yuki hoodie. Not get cold. Cold iguana make sad. ;__;


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