eighty two

Jul. 23rd, 2012 10:00 pm
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Happy birthday Momoshiro-kun!!!!!!!


Jun. 6th, 2012 09:41 am
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I sorry they late. ;__;


Nov. 9th, 2011 06:52 pm
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I bake you goya cupcakes with wasabi frosting with help from my mommy and An-chan. We overnight them. I hope you like.

An-chan and I come home tomorrow. Hungary has been very nice. Flight comes in on November eleven. I have presents for everyone.

Atobe-sama, you like Argentina? Did you see penguins?

Forty nine

Apr. 14th, 2010 09:14 am
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Happy birthday Shiraishi-kun!!!!!!

Maybe you play chess before you eat it. I bet you win!

(ooc: Also hoping this doesn't mess with fluid time.)

Forty eight

Apr. 2nd, 2010 09:02 am
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Happy birthday Akutsu Jin-sama. I know you not like cute things, but I had make you cake. I not want you feel left out.

I overnight to you. Dan Taichi-kun let me know where you be. I hope it okay.

And no snow in Germany. I take kittens out to garden and even Fluffy not be lazy and try chase butterflies. I had give Cotton bath cause she got green from rolling in grass.

Syuu!!!! We have tea when you come back? I have present for you!!!
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Happy Spring Break everyone!!! You be safe on trips and no get in trouble. I see you soon! I get go Germany!!!!!

I send basket with assortment and butters, jams, spreads for you trips. I know some you stay, but you need eat too.

(ooc: Before everyone's first class, meaning wayyy early in the morning, Kabaji dropped off the baskets in front of every lord's door.)

Forty five

Mar. 17th, 2010 08:43 am
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Oshitari Kenya-sama!!!!! Happy birthday.

I bake you this:

I know I make you cupcakes for surprise party, but today real birthday so you get cake! I not know favorite character so you get big ship.


It also St. Patrick's Day. I make special dinner tonight for Atobe-sama!!!

Forty four

Mar. 11th, 2010 03:48 pm
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Atobe-sama been in such good mood that I make cake from recipe book Atobe-sama's mommy sent.

If real good, I make mini cakes for everyone on campus have one. I know Sakaki-sama bye-bye right now, but I make him extra special cake for him come back!

Cotton hiding in plushie mountain. She so silly.

Forty three

Mar. 5th, 2010 07:39 am
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Yuki!!!! It your birthday. I know you not here, but I send with Sanada-kun before you go bye-bye. You guess what flower?

Forty one

Feb. 28th, 2010 12:11 pm
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Birthday and wedding!!!!

Parrot has bow tie. Cotton in pink collar with bow and tutu. Fluffy look grumpy in bow tie and tux.

Birthday cupcake for Syuu!!!!!!


Cupcakes for wedding.

I so excited!!!!!!
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Fuji Yuuta-kun!!!! It your birthday.

Syuu help me frost. I hope you like!!!
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I promise you cake not hearts and Valentine's Day-ish. ^___^

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Shiraishi-kun come over other day and we read book and have snacks. It very fun. I think I getting better at reading English. It more confusing than Hungarian.

More snow. ;___; Can't take kittens or Parrot out. But! I taught Parrot how fly from one end room back to me. It very smart. It know lots of Hungarian now. ^__^

And package came in before snow come. Hello Kitty muffin mold. I make some. There chocolate and strawberry and banana nut and vanilla and doubly chocolatey fudge. I like that one bestest.


I found Hello Kitty bento set with food shapers, but I not think Atobe-sama like to eat that.

Atobe-sama mommy send me German cookbook with only the recipes Atobe-sama like when he was little. I try make one tonight.

(ooc: Kabaji's current goals are getting his Culture and Education ranks up to S and A, respectively.)


Jan. 2nd, 2010 01:38 am
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And it your birthday today Dan-kun.

I find where you are and send. Usu?!

We back in Tokyo. Atobe-sama's mommy had me make lamb chops in garlic sauce and twice baked potato for dinner. It very good. I use fresh green onion in sauce.

I had lot of fun at home. Atobe-sama met Chicken and Goat. Chicken has babies now, but Atobe-sama not let me bring one back. Then we went Wales and I got see sheeps. Akutagawa Jirou-sama right! We need sheeps here. Atobe-sama not let bring back one of those either. ;___;

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I give these you yesterday Echizen Ryoma-sama, but I show everyone.

And I mail to you Echigo-kun!

You get today! On Christmas birthday.

IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It your birthday Kajimoto-kun. I send out yesterday overnight. You get soon I hope.

And then Atobe-sama mommy and I make cookies. She nice.

Cotton and Fluffy play with Atobe-sama's daddy's doggies.

I want one. Atobe-sama say no.

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You birthday Aoi-kun. I send you where you are.

I in Tokyo with Atobe-sama. Fluffy and Cotton not no what do. Atobe-sama's mommy very nice. She like kittens. They have BIG dogs. It okay. Cotton sleep on head of one. She not scared of anything. Fluffy hide under chairs. He so cute.

Thank you everyone for kittens gifts and my gifts. *\o/*

I took kittens in stroller on grounds this morning. Then me and Atobe-sama's mommy read book Shiraishi-kun give me. It very cute.

Best Christmas ever!!!!!

I hope everyone got cupcakes I send.

Twenty six

Dec. 15th, 2009 10:27 am
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Snowball war so fun!!!! Eiji's team won!!!! We strong and not get hit a lot. Atobe-sama look like snowman after done. Lots pizza and cocoa and gingerbread.

Ohtori-kun gone now. He nice butler. Sole all decorated. Luna next. Sengoku Kiyosumi-sama, you still want help me?!

I make gingerbread house.

Cotton get bigger!!!!!

Fluffy really not like picture taken.

ONLY 10 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twenty five

Dec. 5th, 2009 01:14 pm
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Happy birthday Hiyoshi Wakashi-sama!!

You ninja training. Like ninja turtles. Hiya~!

My Christmas!!!! List
- Atobe-sama
- Sakaki-sama
- Kentarou-kun
- Saeki Kojirou-sama ^_^
- Fuji-kun :)
- Kohaku-kun \o/
- Eiji *\o/*
- Kurobane Harukaze-sama *_*
- Shiraishi-kun ^____^
- Ohtori-kun ;)
- Everyone else!!!!

Twenty four

Dec. 4th, 2009 11:09 am
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I know you not like sweet things Niou Masaharu-sama, but I make you bread.

!!! Christmas decoration all up. Room look very bright. I happy. Kittens happy. Atobe-sama... still kinda grumpy.

Ohtori-kun! We make Tuscan lamb shanks dinner. Need white wine, rosemary garlic. Herb lemon orzo on side. Mmmm yummy!!!


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