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I send you all goodie baskets with muffins, breads, cupcakes, and various spreads. I hope you like. I wrap with big pretty bows.

I see you all when get back from fun trips. :DDDDDDDDDDD

(ooc: everyone gets a basket and matching scarf/hat/gloves knitted by Kabaji)

seventy one

Dec. 9th, 2011 11:02 am
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It almost party day. TOMORROW! I hope you all got cupcake invitations I send. They special for each person.

All other butlers at Atobe-sama's mommy and daddy's house be very helpful. I make everyone's favourite dishes. Lots of food for everyone. Atobe-sama's mommy is very good decorator. She make mansion look like winter wonderland. I think everyone really like it. :D She order BIG ice sculpture of swan. It like fountain fill with champagne. I try but bubbles make my nose itch.

I also make goodie bag for all. It has cupcake, candy cane, and ornament.

See you all tomorrow. We have lots fun.

(ooc: there's going to be a Atobe Yuletide Celebration open log sometime in the near future)
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I give these you yesterday Echizen Ryoma-sama, but I show everyone.

And I mail to you Echigo-kun!

You get today! On Christmas birthday.

IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It your birthday Kajimoto-kun. I send out yesterday overnight. You get soon I hope.

And then Atobe-sama mommy and I make cookies. She nice.

Cotton and Fluffy play with Atobe-sama's daddy's doggies.

I want one. Atobe-sama say no.

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You birthday Aoi-kun. I send you where you are.

I in Tokyo with Atobe-sama. Fluffy and Cotton not no what do. Atobe-sama's mommy very nice. She like kittens. They have BIG dogs. It okay. Cotton sleep on head of one. She not scared of anything. Fluffy hide under chairs. He so cute.

Thank you everyone for kittens gifts and my gifts. *\o/*

I took kittens in stroller on grounds this morning. Then me and Atobe-sama's mommy read book Shiraishi-kun give me. It very cute.

Best Christmas ever!!!!!

I hope everyone got cupcakes I send.

Twenty six

Dec. 15th, 2009 10:27 am
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Snowball war so fun!!!! Eiji's team won!!!! We strong and not get hit a lot. Atobe-sama look like snowman after done. Lots pizza and cocoa and gingerbread.

Ohtori-kun gone now. He nice butler. Sole all decorated. Luna next. Sengoku Kiyosumi-sama, you still want help me?!

I make gingerbread house.

Cotton get bigger!!!!!

Fluffy really not like picture taken.

ONLY 10 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twenty five

Dec. 5th, 2009 01:14 pm
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Happy birthday Hiyoshi Wakashi-sama!!

You ninja training. Like ninja turtles. Hiya~!

My Christmas!!!! List
- Atobe-sama
- Sakaki-sama
- Kentarou-kun
- Saeki Kojirou-sama ^_^
- Fuji-kun :)
- Kohaku-kun \o/
- Eiji *\o/*
- Kurobane Harukaze-sama *_*
- Shiraishi-kun ^____^
- Ohtori-kun ;)
- Everyone else!!!!

Twenty four

Dec. 4th, 2009 11:09 am
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I know you not like sweet things Niou Masaharu-sama, but I make you bread.

!!! Christmas decoration all up. Room look very bright. I happy. Kittens happy. Atobe-sama... still kinda grumpy.

Ohtori-kun! We make Tuscan lamb shanks dinner. Need white wine, rosemary garlic. Herb lemon orzo on side. Mmmm yummy!!!
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It almost Christmas. Santa come in 23 days. I make sure go bed extra early on Christmas Eve. I start decorate Saturday. My room done. Kitchen done. I start on not Atobe-sama's bedroom yesterday. I go ask Sakaki-sama if I decorate Sole. It look so pretty. *nod nod*

Cotton want in tinsel. I say no.

I gave lots cuddles after this. I scare her. Not good.

Fluffy back normal almost. He still sleepy kitty. He be okay. He like sleep in Santa hat.

Snowball fight soon! I so excited. I think we get Tezuka-sama on team. *nod nod* Still wish Atobe-sama would play. He Scrooge sometime. ;___;

I has Ohtori-kun as apprentice. He very nice. Play violin good. Not good baker yet, but I work on that!!! He good with kittens. And he tall like me. We hang up decorations when Atobe-sama in class.

Today since first day we make gingerbread.

And real hot cocoa. Not powder stuff. It icky.

I think I put on Christmas music. Fa la la la la, la la la la!!!


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