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Atobe-sama, you grumpy lately so I make you cheer-up breakfast!!!

Maybe you take Fluffy and Cotton out in stroller in Atobe-sama's mommy's gardens. ^__^ That always cheer me up.

eighty one

Jul. 2nd, 2012 02:37 pm
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I sorry I miss birthday Inui-kun, but I know Yanagi-kun share treats with you because you friends. :D

Still not found home for kitten. Julia really seem like him. Even Parrot take to him better than Fluffy and Cotton. But I think that because Cotton like chase.

I got visit with Atobe-sama's mommy when we at estate last and help with new flower arrangement in front of mansion. It very big and colorful.

Then I practiced onigiri making. I send some to Kamio-sama and his friends. I hope you like.

It almost your birthday Momoshiro-kun. I make you cake!
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Shiraishi-kun come over other day and we read book and have snacks. It very fun. I think I getting better at reading English. It more confusing than Hungarian.

More snow. ;___; Can't take kittens or Parrot out. But! I taught Parrot how fly from one end room back to me. It very smart. It know lots of Hungarian now. ^__^

And package came in before snow come. Hello Kitty muffin mold. I make some. There chocolate and strawberry and banana nut and vanilla and doubly chocolatey fudge. I like that one bestest.


I found Hello Kitty bento set with food shapers, but I not think Atobe-sama like to eat that.

Atobe-sama mommy send me German cookbook with only the recipes Atobe-sama like when he was little. I try make one tonight.

(ooc: Kabaji's current goals are getting his Culture and Education ranks up to S and A, respectively.)


Jan. 2nd, 2010 01:38 am
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And it your birthday today Dan-kun.

I find where you are and send. Usu?!

We back in Tokyo. Atobe-sama's mommy had me make lamb chops in garlic sauce and twice baked potato for dinner. It very good. I use fresh green onion in sauce.

I had lot of fun at home. Atobe-sama met Chicken and Goat. Chicken has babies now, but Atobe-sama not let me bring one back. Then we went Wales and I got see sheeps. Akutagawa Jirou-sama right! We need sheeps here. Atobe-sama not let bring back one of those either. ;___;


Twenty four

Dec. 4th, 2009 11:09 am
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I know you not like sweet things Niou Masaharu-sama, but I make you bread.

!!! Christmas decoration all up. Room look very bright. I happy. Kittens happy. Atobe-sama... still kinda grumpy.

Ohtori-kun! We make Tuscan lamb shanks dinner. Need white wine, rosemary garlic. Herb lemon orzo on side. Mmmm yummy!!!


Sep. 23rd, 2009 08:01 am
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Atobe-sama sad. Fluffy sad for him. Doesn't want to play with yarn. ;_____;

I made Chateaubriand last night. Atobe-sama ate it. He did not seem happy though. I wanted to cheer him up. I think Atobe-sama miss Fuji-kun. I like Fuji-kun. Fluffy even like Fuji-kun.

Kabaji is sad. ;_____;


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