Forty eight

Apr. 2nd, 2010 09:02 am
notseenorheard: (Yarn make kittens happy)
Happy birthday Akutsu Jin-sama. I know you not like cute things, but I had make you cake. I not want you feel left out.

I overnight to you. Dan Taichi-kun let me know where you be. I hope it okay.

And no snow in Germany. I take kittens out to garden and even Fluffy not be lazy and try chase butterflies. I had give Cotton bath cause she got green from rolling in grass.

Syuu!!!! We have tea when you come back? I have present for you!!!
notseenorheard: (Baking utensils)

Happy Spring Break everyone!!! You be safe on trips and no get in trouble. I see you soon! I get go Germany!!!!!

I send basket with assortment and butters, jams, spreads for you trips. I know some you stay, but you need eat too.

(ooc: Before everyone's first class, meaning wayyy early in the morning, Kabaji dropped off the baskets in front of every lord's door.)


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