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Look how big Cotton now. She still tiny, but very cute. I ask Atobe-sama's mommy for picture of her and Atobe-sama. She find and send. It not in first set of pictures.

Cotton!!! )


Atobe-sama, I glad you happy with Yukimura Seiichi-sama. I like Syuu more than him though because I not know Yukimura Seiichi-sama that well. But he like kittens and Parrot so it okay. ...And you date Tezuka-sama now too?! You very busy Atobe-sama! I make sure pack you snacks when you not come back room right away. ^___^

(ooc: Kaba doesn't really get sarcasm...)
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It almost Christmas. Santa come in 23 days. I make sure go bed extra early on Christmas Eve. I start decorate Saturday. My room done. Kitchen done. I start on not Atobe-sama's bedroom yesterday. I go ask Sakaki-sama if I decorate Sole. It look so pretty. *nod nod*

Cotton want in tinsel. I say no.

I gave lots cuddles after this. I scare her. Not good.

Fluffy back normal almost. He still sleepy kitty. He be okay. He like sleep in Santa hat.

Snowball fight soon! I so excited. I think we get Tezuka-sama on team. *nod nod* Still wish Atobe-sama would play. He Scrooge sometime. ;___;

I has Ohtori-kun as apprentice. He very nice. Play violin good. Not good baker yet, but I work on that!!! He good with kittens. And he tall like me. We hang up decorations when Atobe-sama in class.

Today since first day we make gingerbread.

And real hot cocoa. Not powder stuff. It icky.

I think I put on Christmas music. Fa la la la la, la la la la!!!


Oct. 15th, 2009 09:28 am
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Shishido say you like savory. I make you carrot cake!

Happy late birthday Tezuka-sama. ;___; I not know what to make you. <_<


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